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Degree in a day

Degree in a day

day 2

Price Pool Worth of

"Rs. 5,000"

Degree in a Day is a unique event that simulates the entire journey of a hypothetical four-year B. Tech program within a single day. Participants step into the shoes of students progressing through each academic year,* facing challenges and showcasing their skills* at every stage.

1st Year

Freshman Quiz Challenge Teams engage in a quiz covering a broad range of topics, testing their general knowledge and understanding of the basics. Only a select number of teams successfully passing the quiz advance to the next stage, simulating the academic progression to the sophomore year.

2nd Year

Competitive Programming Contest The advancing teams dive into a competitive programming contest, where they tackle fundamental coding questions. The top-performing teams in this round move forward to represent their progression to the junior year.

3rd Year

Project Pitching Challenge

  1. Teams now transition into a project-oriented challenge, where they must pitch an innovative project idea.
  2. The pitch includes a basic algorithm and the required technology stack, providing a hands-on experience of project development.

The best teams from this stage advance to the final year.

4th Year

Formal Interview and Winner Declaration In the final year simulation, the remaining teams face formal interviews, mimicking job placement scenarios.

  • Interviewers evaluate the participants based on technical knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills. The top three teams that impress the interviewers are declared the winners of the "Degree in a Day" event.