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day 2

Price Pool Worth of

"Rs. 5,000"

codehunt is a dynamic event that combines coding prowess with the thrill of a treasure hunt. Teams of four participants engage in a multi-stage competition. The event kicks off with teams solving coding questions, showcasing their programming skills. Once a team successfully cracks a code, they receive a hint leading them to a specific location on the premises.

Flow of event

Before going to round 1 you have to solve one simple question manually which will be given in paper. Answer of this question is password to enter into round 1. In round 1 there will be set of questions,in that you have to solve one question and have to take one chit. That chit will be sent to outside person. He/she will go to that place which was mentioned in that chit and solves question manually at that place and gets password from the person who gave question in that place. This will be password of round 2. Similarly, same process for round 3. The team which completes round 3, that will be declared as winners.

At each location, a password is concealed, serving as the key to unlock the subsequent coding challenge. The treasure hunt aspect introduces an exciting physical element to the event, requiring teams to navigate the venue strategically.

The competition progresses through multiple stages, with each successful completion of a coding question and discovery of a password advancing the teams further. The challenge intensifies as participants navigate through these stages, combining their coding acumen with problem-solving skills in the real-world environment. The ultimate goal is to be the first team to successfully clear the third stage. The team that achieves this milestone is declared the winner of CODEHUNT, showcasing a blend of coding excellence and adept treasure hunting skills.