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Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

day 2


A Challenge for the Coders and the Treasure for the Winner!

A Treasure hunt coding competition is a contest where participants solve a series of algorithmic problems or puzzles to find the "Treasure". It tests participant's problem-solving, coding skills as well as teamwork.

Cash Prize worth Rs. 7k


  • Teams compete against each other to arise on top, to snatch the treasure.
  • Team size – 3 people per team.
  • Team composition
    • 1 CODER (the person has to code and cannot leave the lab in any case)
    • 2 RUNNERs (one runner can act as a communicator with the code, they would be solving the hints and riddles to progress to the next round)
  • The event consists of 3 rounds, each becoming progressively harder.
  • Round 1 consists of 2 easy level coding questions.
  • Round 2 consists of 1 easy and 1 medium level coding questions.
  • Round 3 consists of 1 medium/hard level coding question.


  • If two or more participants tie by solving round 3 questions, their rankings will be determined by their completion time.
  • Each round would consist of elimination, around 50% of the strength in every round would get eliminated.
  • Teams completing the rounds first would secure a seat in the next round.
  • Between each round, there would be small riddles for the Teams to compete and to move forward.
  • Failing to solve the riddles before other teams would lead to elimination.