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RoBo Sumo

RoBo Sumo

day 1
10:30 AM - 04:30 PMVIKRAM SARABHAI SCB-1st FLOOR (near BALCONY Area)


Bring your powerful Robots here ready to battle as you'll pit against other competing robots in one on one knockout matches!

Something similar to sumo slammer, except that it is your bot that is going to bleed. Gather yourself up, but don't go easy on the other bots, cause you either win or you get knocked out. The Event mainly focuses on testing the strength of the robots. This event also tests your stability, control, handling and your techniques in competing with your opponent.

Two robots will be in the ring at the same time, and the objective is to push the other robot inside the pit or outside the arena. The robot which scores highest points wins.

Cash Prize worth Rs. 6k


A Round-Robin Tournament among the Teams.

General Rules

  • A team can have the maximum number of 4 members.
  • A team is allowed to play with only one Robot.
  • Decision of Organizers shall be treated as Final and Participants shall bind on it.
  • Once match Fixtures are made, it cannot be changed.
  • The Actual Arena will be displayed only at the time of Event. - The Bot shouldn't have any part that might hold the Ball or can be used to grab the Ball.

Disqualification Criteria

  • Once touched the Bot by any member, the whole Team will be disqualified.
  • The Wire attached to the Bot shall not disturb the Arena or cause any inconveniences.
  • Unfair Play shall be viewed strictly.
  • The Technical Fault shall be rectified within 3 minutes, otherwise the team cant continue.
  • Any changes in the specified power and weight leads to disqualification.
  • Any participant who argues with judges and violates the above rules is liable for disqualification.

Bot Specification

  • Dimension Limit: 30cm x 30cm x 30cm and Weight Limit: 5kg
  • The BOT can be both Wired or Wirelessly controlled. Preferably, it should be Wired.
  • For Wireless Bots, the frequency of the Remote Controller shall not interfere with others. Recommended having 2 different Frequencies.
  • The max potential difference between any two points in the Bot shall be less than 12V DC (For Safety Purposes).