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Relay Coding

Relay Coding

day 2


Pass the baton to success: Master the art of relay coding and bring your team to the finish line!

Relay coding is a type of programming competition where multiple participants work together to complete a series of programming tasks or challenges. Unlike individual coding competitions, relay coding events involve teams of programmers who take turns solving problems, with each person working on one task before passing the baton to the next team member. The goal is to complete all tasks as quickly as possible, with the winning team being the one that finishes first.

Cash Prize worth Rs. 5k


It is a coding challenge. Participants come in teams of 3. You will be given a question per team, the team has to code it. But each team member will be given time of 20 mins. The first member can code for the first 20 mins, and then he has to come out of the lab. The second member can then go in and continue the code where the first member has left off, for another 20 mins. Then he has to go out. The third member comes in and continues the same code. If within 1 hour, the code is completed, you can submit else team member 1 again comes in for 20 mins, and it continues till 3 members complete the code.


  • Participants are not allowed to use mobile phones and the internet while they are coding.
  • The winner will be decided based on whichever team completes the code first, if 2 teams complete it at the same time, the efficiency (time complexity) of the code will be taken into account to decide the winner.
  • Team size - 3 members.
  • The maximum time limit is 2 hours, that is, each team member will get to code twice.
  • If no participant is able to complete all tasks within the allotted time, the winners will be determined based on the number of test cases passed by the team.