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Blind Coding

Blind Coding

day 1


Programming is like any other sport. You might know the rules, but you have to play to learn!

Blind Coding is an event where participants are challenged to write computer programs based on a given set of specifications, without being able to see their computer screen. The focus is on the creativity, problem-solving skills, and efficient coding techniques of the participants. Breaking down barriers with every line of code, proving that vision is just a perception.

Blind Coding is a unique and individual programming competition where we have to write a program for the given problems with the participant’s monitor turned off. This activity mainly tests your concentration, accuracy, programming skills. A problem statement will be given on the spot to the participants.

Cash Prize worth Rs. 5k


  • It’s an individual competition.
  • Three programming challenges will be provided, consisting of 2 Easier-level problems and 1 intermediate-level problem.


  • Participants have to type the code with MONITOR SWITCHED OFF.
  • 60 minutes will be given to complete the competition.
  • Participants who first submits all problems with in the time limit will be announced as winner.
  • If no participant is able to complete all tasks within the allotted time, the winners will be determined based on the number of errors made, as determined through compilation and execution results.