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Aren’t you a treasure hunter??

A treasure is hidden somewhere. Can you find it??
Bring out the Jack Sparrow in you to unravel the path to the treasure by solving riddles and following the clues.

  • Any number of teams can participate
  • There will be a Screening Round at the beginning in which the top four teams will qualify for the Second Phase
  • The Second Phase will consist of four rounds
  • The team which first solves the last clue and retrieves the treasure wins the game
  • The questions will be in the form of
    • QR Codes
    • Encrypted Texts
    • Images
    • Riddles
    • and much more.......

Date: 1 March, 2019

The rules for the event are :

In this game, the Game Master will drop various clues around the NITPY Campus. The participants have to solve the clues and unravel the Hidden Treasure

  • There can be maximum four persons in a team
  • Paricipants are free to use mobile phone and internet but they cannot take help from other teams or the non participating members. Doing this will lead to Immediate Disqualification

    Each team consists of 3-4 members.

Registration : Rs. 300/per team

In case of any Queries or for Registration, feel free to contact us :