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Is your robot good enough to be titled as the ROBO CR7?
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The goal of this contest is to design a Soccer Playing Robot of any type e.g. Wheeled /Hexapod /Biped /Robotic arm on wheel, etc. Teams will have to play a football match against another team. Teams will be divided into pools details of which will be provided at the starting of event. 5 minutes of setup time will be provided to each team for pre-game setup and testing. Each game will start with an obstacle race. Then the winning team will get to start the play. In knockouts the first team to score 3 goals will win the match.


  • Each team is allowed to have one bot.
  • The bot must fit into a cube of (30x30x30) cm at all times.
  • The weight limit of the robot for this competition is 5-8 Kg.
  • It may not expand at any time during the match beyond this size even for hitting the ball. Violating this clause will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • The bots should be controlled manually only.
  • Teams can use both on board and off board circuits for communication.
  • The maximum potential difference between any two points on the bot should not exceed 24 volts.
  • Each team will have to defend the goal on its side as well as score the goal on the opposite side.
  • The ball can be either dragged or pushed by the team.
  • Each goal scored by a team on the ground will fetch the team 1 point.
  • Grabbing the ball is not allowed. So bots should not have any kind of grabbing mechanisms.
  • The game will last for 5 minutes.

Number of day(s): 1
Venue: Science Block, NITPY

Date: 1 March, 2019


  • Team may consist of maximum of 5 members. Students from different institutes may form a team.
  • At the time of match only 2 members of the groups are allowed to be present near the ground.
  • Ready-made kits are not allowed. However, ready-made gear assemblies and development boards may be used.
  • Teams will have to report at least 15 minutes before the time slot allotted to them at the beginning of the event, failing to do so may result in disqualification.
  • No last-minute repairs will be allowed in the arena. However, each team can take a time-out of 2 minutes once during a match.
  • Bots would be checked for their safety before the match and may be discarded if found unsafe for other team or spectators.
  • Organizers reserve the rights to change the rules at any point of time as they deem fit. The changes will however be highlighted on the website.
  • Any kind of intentional damage caused to opponent team’s bot will be considered as foul. A free kick will be given to other team in case of fouls.
  • If a team fails to adhere to size specifications will follow immediate disqualification.

Registration Cost: Rs. 249/per team

In case of any Queries or for Registration, feel free to contact us :