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Test your Reverse Psychology skills here

Put on your thinking caps and train your natural neural networks.

For reverse coding will have you recognizing patterns in functions and replicating them. You will be given a set of executable files that accept input and give an output after performing some function on them. Your task is to figure out what function is hidden in the code and replicate it.

Date: 1 March, 2019

  • It is a team event with a maximum of 2 members.
  • There will be two rounds.
    • First round will be a pen and paper based. Participants should guess the function used based on inputs and outputs given and apply the function to find the output of the final input
    • Second round will be computer based. The participants can give inputs to the program given and based on outputs they have replicate the function
  • A team consists of maximum 2 people.

Registration Cost: Rs. 49/per team