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Is your robot the ultimate maze runner?

Choose the correct path for your success!! Interested in robotics...?? Get a platform to showcase your talent. A robot is placed in the far corner of a large randomly drawn maze consisting of 5cm square segments. In the far other end, the exit of the maze . The goal is to reach the exit of the maze in the fastest time possible, across several attempts. Length of Event: 10 minutes maximum.

Dates: 2 March, 2019

  1. It's a team event with a maximum of 3 in a team.
  2. There will be three rounds.
  3. The maze is composed of multiple of an 18 cm x 18 cm unit square.
  4. The walls of the maze are 5 cm high. Thus, the internal navigable area within a square is 16.8cm
  5. The maze comprises of 16 x 16 unit squares.
  6. Participants will be provided with different kinds of maze with increasing difficulty in each round.
  7. A bot shall be self-contained (no remote controls). A bot shall not use an energy source employing a combustion process.
  8. A bot shall not leave any part of its body behind while negotiating the maze.
  9. A bot shall not jump over, fly over, climb, scratch, cut, burn, mark, damage, or destroy the walls of the maze.
  10. A bot shall not be larger either in length or in width, than 16 centimetres.
  11. Any violation of these rules will constitute immediate disqualification from the contest and ineligibility for the associated prizes.

Registration Cost: Rs. 150/per team

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