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Drive, Wreck, Fix, Repeat

Gear up for rumbling engines of nitro cars, the thrilling speed of the wild beast, and the adrenaline packed races at the BURNOUT during Gyanith 2k19.

Brace yourself to be enthralled in the electric atmosphere with àdrivers racing their monsters on the majestic track! Get ready for the perplexed gushing bouts, which will go down to the wire, and will keep you on the edge of your seats for the entire duration.

Be there at Burnout with a bigger track and much larger audience.

Date: 2 March, 2019

The rules for the event are :

  • Team can consist of any number of members (min 2 members).
  • The teams are requested to bring their accesories like fuel, cloth,spare parts, tool kit etc.
  • Judging method is time trail, each team will get 3 turns to get the best time they can on the track.
  • Decision of the judge is final
  • The judge has the power to make or amend any of the rules

Registration Cost: Rs. 999/per person

In case of any Queries or for Registration, feel free to contact us :