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Let your instincts take the lead

  • If you look, you lose.
  • Listen to me, we are going on an event now. If you know the code, write it down. If you rectify the error, write it down. But under no circumstances you are allowed to see the monitor. Your presence of mind and problem solving skills are put to test here. So sharpen all your senses, trust your instincts, and then write the code.
  • Level 1 :
  • Candidates will be given a printed code with errors. They have to analyse the correct code in their mind and type it in the computer with the MONITOR OFF.
  • Level 2 :
  • Candidates will be given few set of simple problems to code with the MONITOR OFF.
  • Dates: 1 March, 2019

    The rules for the event are :

    • Participants have to perform coding while monitor is off.
    • Participants with all codes executed will get higher preference .
    • Participant with least number of error will get second preference.

    Registration Cost: Rs. 99/per person

    In case of any Queries or for Registration, feel free to contact us :